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For Crying Out Loud

I am known by my family and most friends for being a “cry baby.” I tear up during baptisms, weddings, funerals, and half of the sermons I hear. I cry when someone comes forward during the invitation song even if he/she is a total stranger. (It sounds like I can’t make it through a Sunday […]

Smooth Move, Ex-Lax!

I have never been considered graceful. Growing up, I never created dance routines in front of a full-length mirror to a Debbie Gibson song. (I was more of a look-thoughtfully-out-the-car-window-as-I-sing-like-Cyndi-Lauper-in-the-“Time After Time”-video kind of girl.) My hands and feet are disproportionately large for my frame and I am not the exception that proves the rule […]

Grace Abounds at the Water Park

My family and I visited an indoor water park for spring break this year. It turned out to be a momentous experience for us. We conquered fears—Lucy: hydrotachophobia (fear of water at an amusement park…I just made that up) and Me: leukodermatophobia (fear of wearing a bathing suit in the middle of March in front […]

My Funny Valentine

I’m trying to decide how to properly cherish my husband for Valentine’s Day. It seems like the holiday is more geared to shower gifts on women than men. Brent could give me a number of things: jewelry, flowers, candy. What to give to him? I could cook a nice meal but how’s that much different […]

Finding My Inner Introvert

After reading an article about shyness recently, I came to an astounding revelation: I’m an introvert! I know that some people would doubt this claim, but allow me to prove my point… 1. I frequently have to force myself to answer the phone even if the person calling is someone I like talking to. Once […]

A Fan Letter Never Mailed

Tina Fey William Morris Entertainment 9601 Wilshire Blvd, 3rd floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Dear Tina, (I know my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Nelms wouldn’t approve of that beginning salutation for a formal-type letter but since you and I are the same age and, after reading your book, I feel like we are best friends—or […]

Tooting my own horn

Saturday, I drove to a Hyatt in Brentwood to pitch my novel to a new publishing house. (I guess I should explain that I wrote a book a few years ago and I have had zero success getting anyone to publish it. I would actually settle for getting a literary professional to read it at […]


With the following post I may lose a couple of friends or at the very least disappoint some, but blogs are supposed to be controversial, right? Right. So… I don’t believe in Santa Claus. It’s true. I don’t believe in his chimney forays or his over-indulgent cookie-eating or his magic reindeer. Now you know more […]